Family Network

There are more destination options to spend time with the family than ever before. We’ve got them covered.

These are the busiest public and private recreation facilities in New Zealand. Facilities that are at the heart of the community, like the aquatic centre, indoor facilities for sports and recreation events, holiday care facilities, gymnastic centres and sports clubs. Families from all communities and interests are captured.

This is the broadest audience demographic CARTEL Media has to offer. Household shoppers, mum and dad coaches, people spending time with family, the social league competitor. These environments are where you will find them choosing to spend and enjoy their time. With a lot of down times between games, lessons, and events, the dwell time in these facilities is long and relaxed.


Capitalise on the long positive dwell time in these environments with the following advertising options:

FAMILY CARteL Locations

Monthly Visits to CARTEL Locations

Some of our Family Network Venue Partners include:


55″ Digital Kiosks make up the bulk of the CARTEL signage stocks with
around 70 of them in Family CARTEL sites NZ Wide.


The Family CARTEL has hanging banner positions which comes with 100% SOV, extended reach, & tactical placement.


Book sampling sessions in your choice of facilities to maximise engagement and control how your product is talked about.


Want to get into the hands of consumers? Kids activity books,
DLEs, and coupons are all options.

Large Format Static Print

Large scale print opportunities giving you 100% SOV to highlight your message in key traffic flow areas of our venues.


Reach your audience before and after they hit the pool, gym or recreation facilities with bathroom messaging. From mirror decals to shower and toilet opportunities.