electrical authority

The Electrical Authority promotes competition and the efficient operation of the New Zealand electricity for the long-term benefit of consumers. They approached us at CARTEL Media to help them reach an audience; the senior, retired, elderly population. This audience was identified as sometimes vulnerable and having limited income. The Electrical Authority wanted to inform this group of the NZ community of the WhatsMyNumber online calculator, a tool which has a beneficial impact on helping to make savings on residential power bills.

The Solution

We offered the Electrical Authority a set of 100 On Demand CARTEL environments we knew would capture their target audience; the Returned Services Associations (RSAs), Cosmopolitan Clubs, Bowls and Golf Clubs.With their set budget, this enabled us to access 100 of these environments that spanned New Zealand. With high dwell time in the common areas of these environments, it was agreed that the best media option to get this information to the audience would be by bar coasters.


These bar coasters were printed with the key message on both sides and distributed to the 100 sites. The Electrical Authority were then left to see the results come through to their WhatsMyNumber website.