We have a network of hundreds of sites across NZ that enable you to get in front of your audience where they love to be

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We’re CARTEL Media.

We’re where you love to be!

CARTEL Media has set up a unique network of partners who let you reach audiences in the places that they love to be, allowing you to communicate with them when they are feeling positive and open to new ideas.

New Zealand owned and operated, CARTEL Media owns and manages three permanent ad space networks, and a host of other opportunities available on demand.

Reach health conscious active consumers in our FITNESS Network of fitness clubs across New Zealand, engage with families, mums and dads in our FAMILY Network of Indoor Sports Centres, Aquatic and Leisure Centres and those that love to socialise and catch up with friends and colleagues in our BAR Network of bars and hospitailty venues throughout the country.

Have a challenging brief or specific request? We have a network of locations across the country available for ON DEMAND campaigns meaning you can reach people specifically where they are from summer hot spots to sampling and activation opportunities in a wide range of locations.

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Have a challenging brief or need something specific? Leave it to us to ensure your campaign is highly targeted and gets results.


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You may be thinking that we just get the obvious clients; you know, the fitness, pub, kiddy type of brands. Our reach is better than that. We love a challenge.


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