Fitness Network

New Zealand’s largest Fitness advertising network.

Take advantage and get amongst the positive mindsets, motivating environments and endorphins levels in the room. Why? Because timing is everything. Talk at a time when they are in control, when your audience feels good about themselves and their decisions. Not when they are irritated.

A second home to many, regulars notice any change in their environment. This audience is prepared to spend money on themselves, on premium brands and experiences. Goal orientated and motivated, they are early adopters and image conscious with a core age range of 18-39. With a 60min average dwell time, we’ve got the media options to catch them at all points of the fitness experience. 



From premium digital panels to activating in targeted spaces, there are a number of opportunities within these environments to talk to your audience.

Not seeing a space option that you’d like to try? Let us know

Fitness CARteL Locations



Our Fitness Network Includes

Classic Fitness digital

55" Digital Kiosks make up the bulk of the CARTEL signage stocks with more than 200+ of them NZ Wide.

Premium fitness Digital

Two kiosks per site. With a higher member count, foot traffic, membership price, you can guarantee a premium audience.

Manned or Un-manned sampling

With sampling units, get products in to the hands of consumers
quickly without the cost of talent

Bathroom Frame Ads

Add another touch point, take the relevancy to the next level, hit your gender target 100%, and engage eyes one-on-one.

Reception Sampling

Our Fitness CARTEL venue partners are happy to be part of a campaign
by handing out product to members.

Mirror And tactical decals

Add further depth to relevancy using the bathroom mirrors, treadmills,
floors, weights stacks, water fountains and more.

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