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Customise a campaign from 200+ digital sites nationwide…

Being locally owned and operated, we understand the importance of staying in front of the people in your local area. And doing so on a consistent basis.

CARTEL Media can give you this opportunity via 200+ digital signage sites spread across our Fitness CARTEL and Family CARTEL locations.

 Cost effective advertising every 4 minutes…

Businesses and brands of any size can promote their product or service to the people who visit our centres 3-4 x per week. Each ad is displayed every 4 minutes, which guarantees frequency and maximum awareness.

 Work with a trusted marketing partner…

CARTEL has worked alongside a wide variety of national and international brands from multiple industries. As well as small and medium sized businesses that want to target local audiences with a sensible budget.

How to get on a CARTEL Digital Site…

If you’d like to find out how this unique advertising opportunity could help you achieve your goals, please get in touch. 

Simply, fill in the details below or just give us a call and we can get your business up on screen! 

  • Please see the CARTEL Coverage map at the bottom of this screen to find the best location for you.

  • Depending on your choice, we will send you the size and specifications for ad design, or the template options for you to choose from.
  • Our rates can change. We'd love to give you the best possible price, so we will quote you on your selection.