spark endless data

Spark’s new Endless Data Mobile Plans offer endless supply of data so that New Zealanders can continue to do the things they love, such as streaming their favourite shows, listening to music, scrolling through Social Media and keeping in touch with family without running out of data.

The Solution

CARTEL Media knew exactly where this campaign needed to be seen.

We offered Spark two sets of environments we knew would capture their target audience; 70 gyms and 80 bar locations throughout New Zealand. With high residing time in the common areas of these environments, it was agreed that the best media option to get this campaign seen by the targeted audiences would be by Digital Signage on our exclusive Kiosks with in the gyms and Bathroom Frames and Coasters with in the Bars.


The artwork for this campaign was undoubtably unmissable with its bright purple and pink colours and clever catch phrase’s such as “BECAUSE YOU NEED TO WIN THIS BAR QUIZ” and “NO DATA? NO WAY OUT OF THIS DATE”.

With Spark’s partnership with Spotify on this campaign, its unmissable artwork, together with CARTEL Media’s 150 locations this campaign was part of many conversations.