Scholl Party Feet Heel Shields

Scholl Party Feet Heel Inserts is a womens product which has GelActiv technology to help prevent shoes rubbing and slipping while partying, shopping or even sightseeing. A target women-only audience was required, along with those with a high social lifestyle. 

The Solution

Using our nationwide selection of female CARTEL Bar bathroom enviroments , this was the perfect environment to capture a 100% female audience. This environment also added a significant amount of relevancy with bar female bathrooms being the only place women would gather when out and about socialising.


Using 80 Bar CARTEL locations around NZ, with bathroom mirror decals the campaign was surely not to be missed by heel wearing ladies socialising on a night out!  
With a modest budget, CARTEL Media was able to target the right audience, in the right enviroment at the right time.