HPA Te hiringa hauora - Choice not chance

The Choice Not Chance campaign wanted to motivate at-risk gamblers to check their gambling. The campaign was designed to be meaningful for groups who are particularly affected by gambling harm, showing diffrent people in situations where gambling was causing harm to them and their families, hoping to prompt awareness on minimising gambling harm and motivate people to get help.

The Solution

To get to the targeted audience of gamblers aged 18 to 34-years-old, we used our Bar CARTEL network specifically aiming for those bars with pokie machines. We used 3 types of media for this campaign, Counter Cards, Bar Mats, Bathroom Frame Ad’s and Decals, we knew that these media options would capture the audiences in a way that was unavoidable.


This campaign was installed in over 20 CARTEL Bars spread throughout Auckland Council areas. HPA Te Hiringa Hauora were then left to see the results of gamblers who visited their Choice Not Chance website to take a test or to seek help.